Talking sweet about nothing

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my name is Haley. Vegas --> NYC.
and this is my face
☑:Even if your cupboard is a mess, your clothes will still be in some kind of order; albeit through colour, season, fabric etc;
☑:Your mind overloads you
☑:Even when you are not tense, people still seem to ask you what's bothering you
☑:When melancholy sets in you tend to shy away from the world and live in a bubble of your own where nobody else exists, and you cannot explain yourself
☑:Clutter is irritating and you cannot relax until it is taken care of
☑:You show your need to help others by helping them with their 'things'; such as fixing something, making something or cooking something for them

oh well now I know who this is


this might be true I have no chill

prague is so great but I really just want to be back home with my boyfriend. I don’t care if that sounds foolish. he thinks it’s sounds foolish. but fuck an open relationship so hard. right now I just feel like a piece of garbage.

edited lol this post was salty